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Frequently Asked Questions

exactly as it sounds. good clean wine is best paired with good, clean fun. made for the wine- lover looking for a drink that fits with their healthy lifestyle. whether it’s a red with dinner or a rosé by the pool, it’s wine to feel good about – drink tonight and still go to yoga tomorrow.

good clean wine is minimal-intervention at the growing and production stages meaning little to no chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives.

our wines are blends from native italian grapes grown in biodiverse vineyards. Our red, white and rosé hail from the maremma region in grosseto, tuscany.

good clean red IGT: a delicious blend of sangiovese, ciliegiolo, montepulciano, alicante and merlot.

good clean white IGT: a refreshing blend of trebbiano, sauvignon blanc, malvasia and ansonica.

good clean rosé IGT: a crisp blend of sangiovese and ciliegiolo.

good clean spumante IGP: a sparkling blend of pignoletto, sorbara and salamino produced in emilia-romagna.

good clean spumante rosé brute DOC: a juicy blend of lambrusco grapes produced in modena.

like a hot summer romance, our wine comes from italy. it’s made by a small cooperative of winemakers we’ve visited several times to celebrate our good clean wine. we pick wine growers and wine makers in regions that have what’s needed for clean, easy drinking; first-rate soil, ideal temperatures and biodiverse farming practices. the taste is all in the vineyard so they’re as passionate as we are about wine that pairs well with your health. great minds drink alike.

good clean spumante comes from emilia-romagna and modena, italy. good clean white, red and rosé come from grosseto, maremma, tuscany, italy.

our good clean wines are produced in first-rate soils in sustainable vineyards and wineries with strict biodiverse, organic farming and wine making practices. everything from the soil, crops, wildlife, livestock and the natural vegetation in the area is balanced and grown together interdependently. wine grown in this way reflects the terroir it’s grown in, tastes better and is better. we’ll raise a glass (or two) to that.

each of our wines carry certifications. To be classified as either an IGT, DOC or IGP wine, both grape growers and wine makers must comply with strict standards regulated by the european union. these ensure the quality, tradition and reliability of the wine.

IGT: Indicazione Giographica Tipica. a wine classification introduced in 1992 as part of the general reorganization of the D.O.C. italian wine law, to safeguard the quality and authenticity of the wine. these safeguards form regulated protected zones to ensure a higher quality of wine. this category of wine allows more freedom than DOC and DOCG levels but ensures a higher quality of wine than the relatively unregulated table wine category.

DOC: Denominazione di Origine Controllata. considered a superior controlled designation of origin where wines are produced in specific, well-defined regions, according to precise rules designed to preserve the traditional winemaking practices of each individual region. wine must meet certain quality standards to qualify for this designation. the laws regulate where the grapes can be grown, the production methods used to produce the wines and ensure the wine is of superior quality. growers and makers must adhere to strict techniques and processes for farming, making and aging the wine. the entire production cycle is monitored and the wine is chemically tested. a sensory analysis is also performed by the governing chamber of commerce.

IGP: Indicazione Geografica Protetta. indicates the quality and reputation of the wine is linked to the place and region where it is produced, processed and prepared. The grape growing, farming and winemaking processes are subject to protocols and restrictions as outlined by the specific wine region.

our good clean wine is minimal-intervention and made with love in the italian countryside. it’s made without using synthetic chemicals or fertilizers.

our wines taste like the terroir the grapes come from, giving you the true expression with every drop. no added preservatives, nutrients, acids, bacteria, sugars, fining or oaking. instead the grape growing is allowed to take its own course.

good clean wine is estate-bottled.

our good clean spumante and good clean spumante rosé are 11.5%. good clean red is 13%. good clean rosé and good clean white are 12.5%.

save the sweet stuff for your loved ones. our good clean wines are dry and delicious.