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Frequently Asked Questions

exactly as it sounds. good clean wine is best paired with good, clean fun. made for the wine-lover looking for a drink that fits with their healthy lifestyle. whether it’s a red with dinner or a rosé by the pool, it’s wine to feel good about – drink tonight and still go to yoga tomorrow.

our wines are blends from native italian grapes grown in biodiverse vineyards. our red, white and rosé hail from the maremma region in grosseto, tuscany. our sparkling wines are from emilia-romagna.

good clean red igt: a delicious blend of sangiovese, ciliegiolo, montepulciano, alicante and merlot.

good clean white igt: a refreshing blend of trebbiano, sauvignon blanc, malvasia and ansonica.

good clean rosé doc: a crisp blend of sangiovese and ciliegiolo.

good clean spumante brut igp: a sparkling blend of pignoletto, sorbara and salamino.

good clean spumante rosé brut igp: a juicy blend of lambrusco grapes.

like a hot summer romance, our wine comes from italy, and is made by a small cooperative of winemakers in two beautiful, lesser known italian wine regions.

we’ve visited both several times to celebrate our good clean wine (and not just because we take wine tastings very, very, seriously).

our good clean red, white and rosé are made using sustainable farming and minimal intervention in the appellation of maremma on the southwest coast of the tuscan wine region. picture gentle rolling hills, vineyards and olive orchards scattered with sheep, and feel the nearby salty sea air from the tyrrhenian sea.

our good clean spumante and spumante rosé hail from carpi in modena province in the emilia-romagna region, known as the land of bubbly wine and tortellini. the vineyards of nutrient rich sandy and wet soils surrounded by poplars and elms make for a magnificent sight.

our producers and winemakers spend a lot of time in the vineyard nurturing the vines to grow the best quality grapes. they listen to nature and react accordingly to the vineyard and grapes day by day, month by month, and year by year to do what is best for the vineyard.

instead of adding chemicals and preservatives, we pride ourselves on meeting the evolving needs of our grapes, so you can be transported, one glass at a time.

our producers and winemakers implement a combination of biodynamic and biodiverse farming and winemaking processes to grow healthy grapes in the vineyard. they take extra care in the winery so that the characters of the grapes shine through when you taste the wine.

the ultimate goal? bringing healthy grapes to the winery to make a simply delicious glass for you.

each of our wines carry certifications. to be classified as either an igt, doc or igp wine, both grape growers and wine makers must comply with strict standards regulated by the european union. these ensure the quality, tradition and reliability of the wine.

pef: product environmental footprint. this eu certification measures the environmental footprint along the entire supply chain, from the vineyard, all the way to the disposal of packaging. it certifies that all the procedures in the vineyards aim to grow and package the healthiest, most delicious grapes. from choosing the glass, paper, corks, boxes and shipping, all the way to the recycling of waste at every level of the process, to proudly have the lowest impact and low carbon footprint as possible.

igt: indicazione giographica tipica. an italian wine law to safeguard the quality and authenticity of the wine and ensure a higher quality of wine.

doc: denominazione di origine controllata. a wine law to regulate where the grapes can be grown, the production methods used to produce the wines and ensure the wine is of superior quality.

igp: indicazione geografica protetta. indicates the quality and reputation of the wine is linked to the place and region where it is produced, processed and prepared.

programma nazionale per la valutazione dell’impronta ambientale: members promote business strategies that foster sustainable development.

viva sustainable wine certification: measures the vine-wine production chain based on four elements: territory, air, vineyard and water.

our winemakers collaborate with università della tuscia and scuola superiore sant’anna di pisa to apply technologies in the vineyard and in the cellar, to minimize the environmental impact.

our wineries are currently working to implement a new certification called made green italy.

so yes, we’re certified. certifiably delicious, too.

relax, grab a glass, and let us explain.

good clean wine uses biodynamic and organic procedures to create happy, healthy, and lively soil while respecting and nurturing nature to create an enhanced sense of purity, place and time and vitality in the wine. While our wines are made naturally, we stray from using the word natural to describe our wines because it is a non-regulated term generally used to describe zero-intervention wine.

We do not claim our wines as biodynamic, vegan, or organic because biodynamic, organic, and vegan are all certifications our wineries have chosen not to get. We consider organic and biodynamic great guidelines to follow however one strategy in nature does not work. We must react to the vineyard day by day, month by month, year by year to bring healthy grapes to the vineyard that do not need fixing.

good clean wine is made in biodiverse agriculture whereby practices are implemented in the vineyard that balance the microorganisms that inhabit the vineyard soil.

good clean wine uses minimal intervention technology such as:

infra-red sensors that can read the color of healthy grape leaves and gain a better diagnosis of the grapes. the terra system is installed throughout the vineyards to measure environmental factors. this data is then used to predict if and when intervention is necessary, drastically reducing the number of interventions.

instead of spraying chemicals that kill parasites, we spread pheromones to confuse pests so that they don’t mate and don’t spoil the grapes. this saves chemicals, reducing use of diesel fuel and fresh water. all good for the environment.

we proudly said no to many things, so you can cheers, guilt-free.

good clean wine has no coloring, decoloring, added citrus, micro-oxygenation, animal derived products (in the still white, rosé and red), added sugar, added preservatives, yeasts, nutrients, acids, bacteria, fining or oaking. instead, the grape growing is allowed to take its own course.

we said yes to minimal intervention, sustainably grown grapes made by small producers that are hand picked to ensure quality, taste and a good time.

we’re glad you asked.

minimal intervention means that our wines are made with no preservatives, coloring, decoloring, added citrus, micro-oxygenation, added sugar, added preservatives, synthetic yeasts, nutrients, acids, bacteria, fining, or oaking. instead, the grape growing is allowed to take its own course.

we use minimal intervention technology such as:

infra-red sensors that can read the color of healthy grape leaves and gain a better diagnosis of the grapes.

the terra system is installed throughout the vineyards to measure environmental factors. this data is then used to predict if and when it is needed to intervene, drastically reducing the number of interventions.

sexual confusion by instead of spraying chemicals that kill parasites, we spread pheromones to confuse them so that they do not mate and do not spoil the grapes. this reduces chemicals, diesel fuel and freshwater. all good for the environment and creates grapes that are, you guessed it, minimally intervened with.

we proudly said no to manipulating the grapes, so that you can say yes to a glass of good clean wine. or two.

sustainability is the mantra of both us and our producers.

social sustainability means safeguarding the region and its traditions during all processes of wine production. it means investing, innovating, creating value and high quality products, with everyone involved. our wineries work with people who live near and work the land, and young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to invest in the future of sustainable agriculture.

environmental sustainability means our grapes are grown with procedures that create healthy grapes that need less intervention overall. attention to the environment and efficiency in the winemaking process allows us to provide environmentally friendly wine without the need for extreme temperature control, electrical power and pollution.

meaning, wine that’s better for the environment and at a delicious price, too.
we’ll raise a glass to that.

our good clean spumante and good clean spumante rosé are 11.5%. good clean red is 13%. good clean rosé and good clean white are 12.5%.

save the sweet stuff for your loved ones. our good clean wines are dry and delicious.

our good clean white, rosé and red are vegan, but not certified vegan.

on occasion, the filtering process uses bone-fish gelatin to filter the sparkling wine. However, our finished sparkling wine does not include any traces of animal derived products.

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