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see the world through a cleaner glass. MEET THE CHOSEN ONES see the world through
a cleaner glass.

wine that pairs with a healthy lifestyle.

We’re living healthier and drinking better. Because, we love good clean fun in all its forms. Particularly bottled.

Meet our clean collection of wines from Europe.

With minimal intervention, few to no additives, and more natural processes, they’re considered and affordable wines that let you choose easily, live freely, and feel good.

Tonight and tomorrow morning.

what we’re all about.

Simplified winemaking, wine choosing, and wine drinking.

A clean curation of minimal interventions wines for everyday consumption and celebration.

Collected from European wineries to pair with a Mediterranean lifestyle, or a Missouri one.

every wine is tried and tested by us, multiple times.

we’re big on research.

Michelle and Courtney: the co-founders of Good Clean Wine.

“We both drink wine on the regular. We also both lead exceptionally healthy lives.”

“Our secret: we won’t let anything pass our lips that we know will make us feel bad, today or tomorrow.”

Courtney loves a red.

Previously a beauty, health, and fitness editor for Marie Claire, contributor to Allure and Harper’s Bazaar, and branding and editorial director for Aveda, Redken and Clinique.

She believes self-care can involve wine plus a 7-hour Netflix binge.

Michelle loves a rosé.

holistic esthetician and travel expert. She travels the world in search of the best food, wine, and people to help us live better.

She puts winemakers up there with Madonna and McCartney.

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